Commemorating The Battle Of Trafalgar With Halcyon Days Enamels

The beauty of Halcyon Days enamels is their ability to evoke pivotal memories or mark moments of history through vibrant colours and intricate detailing. Each figurine, box or piece of jewellery tells its own story, and as the anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar fast approaches on the 21st of October, the commemorative appeal of Halcyon Days enamels becomes perfectly clear. 

Join us as we mark the occasion and highlight the spectacular triumph of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson and his British fleet through a celebration of some of our most treasured Halcyon Days enamels. 

About The Battle Of Trafalgar

Fought on October 21st 1805, the Battle of Trafalgar was one of the most significant naval engagements in history and a pivotal moment in the Napoleonic Wars. The war took place just off the southwest coast of Spain and saw the British Royal Navy, commanded by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, against the combined fleets of France and Spain. Though he tragically died during the battle, Lord Nelson’s strategy was triumphant and has left behind a legacy as one of the greatest war heroes of all time. 

In the present day, the lives lost are remembered and commemorated annually on Trafalgar Day with a naval parade through Trafalgar Square in London. Meanwhile, portraits, jewellery and even novels help bring the history of the Battle of Trafalgar into homes on an everyday but poignant basis.

Our Commemorative Halcyon Days Enamels

With a heritage rooted in marking important moments of history, it is no wonder that the Halcyon Days collection extends to a fantastic range of commemorative Lord Nelson and Trafalgar Day designs. Halcyon Days has been refining the art of enamelling on copper since 1950 and presents a wide range of exquisite enamels tastefully decorated to mark important events and special occasions. 

Here are three of our favourite Halcyon Days enamels which tie together the legacy of the Battle of Trafalgar with unique designs, all available to purchase online at Bonds the Jewellers:

Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson The Battle Of Trafalgar Enamel Box

Combining a celebration of Lord Nelson’s life with subtle Trafalgar Day touches, this limited edition round enamel box perfectly captures the vibrancy of the battle. The lid of this delicate enamel box draws on inspiration from a fantastic portrait of Lord Nelson found in the National Maritime Museum Greenwich, while the smooth round sides of the box provide an artistic nod to the Vice Admiral’s triumphant battles. The paintwork is traditional and vibrant and offers the added interior detail you would expect from Halcyon Days enamels with Nelson’s coat of arms and a reminder of the battle victory. If you do find yourself at the National Maritime Museum admiring the inspiration for this enamel, you might also spot our faithful replica of Nelson’s pocket watch which is available to purchase in the shop.  

Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson Portrait Enamel Box

The Lord Nelson portrait enamel box is a truly sentimental reminder of the Battle of Trafalgar and Nelson’s heroic actions that led to his tragic death in battle. Nelson’s last words are poignantly painted on the inside lid of the box, highlighting the detail that the traditional technique of enamel on copper allows. Aside from the Nicholas Pocock painting-inspired artwork on the lid of the box, the copper edging really stands out and gives this piece a truly premium finish. Plus, only 300 of these wonderful Halcyon Days enamels have been made, so make the most of the chance to own your own piece of history. 

Lord Nelson Bonbonniere

The Halcyon Days commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar extends well beyond enamel boxes. For a truly unique marker of Lord Nelson’s heroic actions, take a look at our wonderful Lord Nelson enamel bonbonniere. The bright colours of this traditional French box come to life with an array of vibrant enamel paints, extending the legacy of Lord Nelson into today. Enamelling history is just as prevalent as military history too, as this bonbonniere is made in Bilston, the centre of the Halcyon Days enamels tradition. 

If you would like any additional information about our range of limited edition Battle of Trafalgar Halcyon Days enamels or would like to explore the wider collection of Halcyon Days products available here at Bonds the Jewellers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today. We’d be delighted to talk you through these delightfully detailed pieces!

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