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Celebrate an event, give a thoughtful gift or add to your own collection with a beautiful piece of enamel work by Halcyon Days. At Bonds the Jewellers, we have hand-selected beautiful Halcyon Days enamels, each piece intricately decorated with the gorgeous depth of colour that quality enamelling provides.

Halcyon Days was established in Mayfair in 1950 and began reviving the art of enamelling on copper. Exquisite Halcyon Days enamels include keepsake boxes, eggs and cufflinks and were crafted in Bilston, once the heart of the British enamelling history. Each piece oozes its own unique British story and deserves its own place within our history.

Whether you’re a collector or simply after an original gift for a loved one, you’ll find the perfect Halcyon Days piece at Bonds the Jewellers. Choose from limited editions, seasonal designs and collectors’ items that mark an event or anniversary.

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