Monthly Archives: June 2021

Traditional silver christening gifts

Unsure what to buy a young baby to mark their christening? Silver is a beautiful, traditional choice for christening gifts, and here’s our guide to some time-honoured favourites. Why do we give silver christening gifts? The tradition of giving silver at christenings comes from the days when silver acted as currency, and so was a […]

Put yourself in the picture: choosing a silver photo frame

We all love displaying our favourite photographs, and most homes have a proud gallery of family portraits. Ever since the days of the Ancient Egyptians, we’ve been framing pictures to protect, enhance, and simply show them off! A silver photo frame looks perfect with practically every picture. Classic yet contemporary, eye-catching yet subtle, sterling silver […]

An awfully big adventure – on a beautifully little box

At Bonds, we love the exquisite enamel boxes from Halcyon Days. This one in particular has really captivated us, as it captures a moment from one of the nation’s best-loved stories: Peter Pan. A story that never grows old… Peter Pan was created by Scottish writer J M Barrie. Peter, a boy who “never grows […]

Custom Jewellery from the Mallards Collection

We’d like to introduce you to Bonds the Jeweller’s commercial side, bespoke jewellery makers Mallards. Mallards designs and creates quality sterling silver jewellery for heritage and visitor attractions, as well as commercial businesses. The story of Mallards Bonds’ founder Douglas Bond started making bespoke jewellery for visitor attractions back in 2004. This branch of the […]

Bonds’ guide to birthstones

A birthstone is a precious or semi-precious stone associated with a particular month. Some people believe that the gems have certain qualities – and at the very least, shopping by birthstone can narrow down tricky birthday present buying! The idea of associating gems with particular times of year goes back to ancient civilisations, when people […]

Five reasons to buy a pocket watch

It’s time to embrace the pocket watch again. Increasingly popular with everyone from horologists to fashionistas, a pocket watch makes a real style statement – but in an elegantly discreet way. If you haven’t already thought about buying a pocket watch, here are some excellent reasons why this old-time charmer is becoming the timepiece of […]

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