Bonds’ Guide To Choosing Bridal Jewellery

As the excitement of your engagement slowly filters into wedding planning, there will be many big decisions to make. With a venue booked, guest list confirmed and dress chosen, next on the list might be choosing the perfect bridal jewellery. 

Bridal jewellery not only adds a touch of elegance and glamour to your wedding day but also holds a sentimental value that can be passed down from generation to generation. Safe to say, selecting your bridal jewellery is a significant moment and one you will want to get right. We understand the importance of these decisions here at Bonds the Jewellers and have created this guide to choosing bridal jewellery to walk you through the process ahead of your big day.

What Jewellery Should A Bride Wear?

Though your dress is likely the main talking point leading up to your wedding day, your choice of bridal jewellery can greatly enhance your overall look. Make sure to strike a balance by opting for traditional pieces that accentuate your beauty without stealing the spotlight. With this in mind, most brides typically wear a special necklace or pendant, bracelet and pair of earrings for their wedding day, though you may already have sentimental family items that you will be featuring in your look. Personal preference and taste will also affect the type of jewellery you choose.

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Jewellery

Once you know what types of jewellery you’d like to wear as you walk down the aisle, it’s time to find the perfect individual pieces. Consider these four tips as you browse our online range of jewellery or try on different styles.

Prioritise Timeless Styles Over Trends

Your wedding day is one that you will look back on fondly for the rest of your life. Different fashions will always come and go but your photos and memories to mark the occasion will stay with you forever so steer clear of short-term jewellery trends and opt for timeless styles instead. Classic pieces like gemstone pendants and simple gold and silver studs or bracelets will always exude elegance, from the second you walk down the aisle to the years to come when you are looking through your wedding photo album with your grandchildren.

Consider The Style Of Your Wedding Dress

Both the shape and the colour of your wedding dress should be considered when choosing your bridal jewellery. Of course, most brides opt for a classic white dress, but ivory and champagne styles are increasingly popular too. Silver pairs perfectly with pure white, whereas gold and yellow gold perfectly accentuate the hues of an ivory or champagne dress.

When it comes to the shape and neckline of your dress, you might opt to go without certain types of jewellery altogether. Wearing a necklace alongside a dress with a high neckline can create a crowded look and we’d suggest choosing a special bracelet instead. In contrast, a necklace is probably the most important item of jewellery if your dress is strapless or has a sweetheart neckline. Play around with statement pieces to accentuate your shoulder blades. 

Compliment Your Hairstyle

Your hairstyle will also impact how your jewellery is showcased on the big day. We suggest arranging to meet with your hairstylist before you shop for your bridal jewellery with us. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of what your hair will be like and can select a necklace and earrings that enhance your overall look.

If you’re opting for a sophisticated updo, consider statement drop earrings to frame your face with glamour. For sleek and free-flowing hair, you might prefer to opt for sleek studs in combination with a delicate pendant to accentuate the part of your neckline that is on show. 

Match Your Skin Tone

Just as you will have chosen a dress that flatters your skin tone, the same principle applies to bridal jewellery. By taking the time to reflect on whether your skin is warm, cool or neutral, you can then select the perfect metal. Brides with warm skin undertones tend to look stunning in delicate gold jewellery, whereas cool undertones pop alongside silver pieces. If you think you have a neutral skin tone you might have even more choice, so try different pieces on and get the opinions of your bridal party and jeweller before making a decision!

If in doubt, stick to simple pieces and find out what your loved ones think. If you would like any additional guidance or help when it comes to making your big day special with bridal jewellery, don’t hesitate to reach out to the expert team here at Bonds the Jewellers. By following our advice, we are sure that you will be able to create a look as harmonious as your upcoming marriage union.

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