A Brief History Of Saturno Silver Animals

pair of saturno silver kingfishers

Renowned for its ranging beauty, elegance and practicality, silver has long captured the hearts of collectors, gift givers and jewellery enthusiasts. The versatility of silver has manifested itself in countless trends, but one such example has maintained its treasured status over time: Saturno silver animals. 

Saturno silver animals are exquisite enamel figurines that bring together craftsmanship and creativity through intricate designs and colours. Their origins can be traced back to the mid-20th century and have since navigated a fascinating journey. Join us as we explore this unique history.

Who Makes Saturno Silver Animals?

Saturno silver animals are made by Italian artists at Saturno, a small company nestled in the town of Arezzo in Tuscany. With a rich background in goldsmithing and silver-mining, this small town offered the perfect backdrop for artists to refine their craftsmanship and thus the Saturno company was born.

From the inception of the Saturno company to the present day, core values of artistry and authenticity have remained the same. The artists that make these figurines do so entirely by hand to capture the essence of each animal with detail and precision. Before being crafted, animals are first observed by the artists in their natural habitat. The delicate figures are then handpainted and polished for a fine finish before being glazed and baked to create gorgeous and distinctive colours.

Once made and preserved in Italy, Saturno silver animals make their way to British Assay offices where they are hallmarked for authenticity. With such precise manufacturing and authentication, each Saturno silver animal is truly its own slice of art history.

How Has The Saturno Silver Collection Evolved?

The Saturno silver collection has evolved significantly over time to encompass a wide range of animals and sentimental and seasonal pieces. One of the earliest Saturno creations was a butterfly, though the collection quickly expanded to include a wide range of wildlife including birds and farm animals.

Today’s range of Saturno silver animals includes everything from the exotic to the familiar and even festive enamel figures. Modern tools and materials have allowed for even greater intricacy and realism, but despite these advancements, the core values of the Saturno collection remain the same and the enamel animals continue to reflect captivating stories today.

Why Are Saturno Silver Animals Popular?

It is hard to compare the popularity of Saturno silver animals to any other kind of craftsmanship. Not only does each enamel figure offer a unique but lifelike depiction of nature, they also reflect the soul of some of our most-loved wildlife. Capturing such emotion is no easy feat as an artist, particularly when working with metal, and therefore Saturno silver animals have maintained such popular status due to the incredible artistry they reflect. 

Saturno silver animals are also so popular as they make fantastic gifts. Whether marking a special occasion or adding to a collection, the unique nature of these enamel figures provides a gift like no other that is sure to be treasured for the life of the recipient. You can even choose an animal that symbolises an important moment or emotion for a truly personal touch.

Own Your Own Piece Of History

If you find yourself captivated by the stories of Saturno silver animals, browse the full range available online at Bonds the Jewellers. We have carefully curated a range of authentic and special Saturno silver animals, each displaying fine Italian artistry and the beauty of nature. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and expert team should you wish to know any more about the Saturno silver collection we offer.

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