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At Bonds the Jewellers, we’re delighted to have a large range of Carrs Silver photograph frames and gifts in our silverware collection. We’ve been stockists for Carrs for a few years now, and some of our best-selling lines come from their Sheffield workshops.

Here’s a bit more about these renowned family-run silversmiths and the beautiful silver items they create.

Silver in Sheffield

Carrs is based in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, a city with long associations with the silver industry. The “Sheffield Century” started in the mid seventeenth century, when “Sheffield Plate” (silver fused onto copper) was invented. Sterling silver continued to be produced, and the Sheffield Assay Office was established in 1773.

When sterling silver started to be taxed in 1784, the plate industry really took off and Sheffield prospered. Electroplating was introduced in the 1840s, which damaged the Sheffield Plate industry (although the invention of stainless steel in the early twentieth century enlivened Sheffield’s industry again). Carrs, established in 1976, is part of the recent resurgence of silver in the city.

About Carrs

Carrs began when founder Ron Carr, a former production engineer, set up as a self-employed jeweller. The business developed, and appropriately, the company was incorporated in the Silver Jubilee year of 1977. Carrs grew rapidly, and two years later they began making their first silver photo frames.

Less than twenty years later, Carrs had concessions in Harrods and Selfridges, and the company was selling silverware to retailers in over 50 countries. The silver photo frames became their flagship product.

The iconic photo frame

A photograph frame is a timeless gift. Even in these days of digital photos, cloud libraries and selfies, everyone still loves to frame their favourite pictures and display them around their home.

We stock a range of Carrs photo frames in both sterling silver, hallmarked in the Sheffield Assay Office, and silver plate. Some of the most-loved designs are the traditional ones: egg and bead (a series of delicate little dots and ovals), reed and ribbon (a pattern of alternating lines and bows) and the classic rope edge. However, if you’re looking for a more contemporary style, Carrs also have a beautiful selection of simple, sleek finishes.

Silver gifts from Carrs

Carrs design and make a wide range of silver gifts, which are popular with our customers for a variety of celebratory occasions.

The tradition of giving silver as a christening present dates from the days when silver was a currency, and was seen as an investment for the new baby. Today we give silver to young babies because we want to give a lasting gift, and examples include silver rattles, teethers and egg cups. Silver gifts are also given at religious celebrations: for example, Carrs makes silver cross-embossed bibles as baptism, confirmation or ordination gifts.

Something like a silver decanter, picture frame, or clock is perfect to mark a silver wedding anniversary; and the modern look of polished silver means that these items can also make great engagement or wedding presents for a younger couple. More personal silverware gifts include jewellery, cufflinks, keepsake boxes, and bookmarks.

Have a look at our Carrs collection

We stock a wide range of quality silverware by Carrs. Have a look at the selection on our website; and if you’d like to know anything more about our silver collection, please get in touch with us at Bonds.

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