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Halcyon Days Lord Nelson Bonbonniere

Halcyon Days Lord Nelson Bonbonniere
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  • Brand: Halcyon Days
  • Product Code: 15W271
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  • £290.00
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Tags: Halcyon Days, Collectible, Enamel

This enamel Lord Nelson bonbonniere is a truly original item, crafted by master enamellers, Halcyon Days.

A bonbonniere is a little box given to guests as a wedding or christening favour. From the French bon-bon, meaning sweet, the box would contain sugared almonds. Traditionally, guests are gifted five almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and a long life. The brightly coloured bust of Lord Nelson brings a British twist to this Italian and French tradition.

The bonbonniere is made in Bilston, famous for its enamelling heritage. The enamel creates the perfect surface for painting, and brings Lord Nelson’s colours vividly to life.

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