Halcyon Days crafted a beautiful enamel box to mark the 60th anniversary of VE Day; and we have a limited stock of this exquisite box available. Let’s lift the lid on this lovely little commemorative piece... The VE Day enamel box The VE Day limited edition enamel box celebrates that momentous day, 8 May 1945, when the German forces surrendered to the Allies – and marked the end of World War II in Europe. Halcyon Days designed the box to celebrate the 60th anniversary of VE Day, using evocative events and symbols.  St Paul’s Cathedral in London, which became an icon of Britain’s ..
It’s time to embrace the pocket watch again. Increasingly popular with everyone from horologists to fashionistas, a pocket watch makes a real style statement – but in an elegantly discreet way. If you haven’t already thought about buying a pocket watch, here are some excellent reasons why this old-time charmer is becoming the timepiece of choice for those who want to wear their watch with panache. A pocket watch is a piece of history In the 1520s, German inventor Peter Henlein created a clock that was powered by springs rather than falling weights. Clocks could now be small and portab..
Woodford watch from Bonds the Jewellers stars in new Disney Alice film
The White Rabbit’s pocket watch in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories has to be one of the most iconic watches in literature. So, we were all delighted at Bonds the Jewellers when the props team from the new Disney film adaptation, Alice Through the Looking Glass, approached us to provide them with a pocket watch. Disney’s sequel to their 2010 hit, Alice in Wonderland, sees Alice (Mia Wasikowska) having to defeat Time (played by Sacha Baron Cohen as half man, half clock) to save her friend the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp). As time has such a big part to play in this film, naturally the..
  Westminster Abbey North West Tower clock. Dial designed buy Nicholas Hawskmoor. As no drawings exist of the dial, so Bonds the Jewellers had technical drawings made. The back of the watch has a glass to show the movement. The back bezel has been engraved. The watch can be bought from Westminster Abbey  ..
Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a variety of Quartz that carries a spectacular purple colour that ranges from a blend of deep violet and red to a lighter lilac hue. Ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected the wearer from drunkenness and enabled them to keep a balanced mindset. ..
Garnet Birthstone
Garnet, the birthstone of January, is mined in a rainbow of colours. From the fiery orange of Mandarin Garnet to the rich green of Tsavorite Garnet and to the most widely recognized color of Pyrope Garnet, it is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust. ..
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Enamelling in its various forms was used as long ago as 3000BC as a decorative tool to embellish the work of the goldsmith, reaching popularity in England in the eighteenth century.  Enamel boxes from the Georgian period are highly collectable and are sought-after pieces, first used by the aristocracy and socialites to contain snuff for gentlemen and beauty patches for ladies. Originally made from gold and enamel, they were truly precious and exquisite items, predominantly made by Parisian and London jewellers and goldsmiths. The art of enamelling on copper became popular during the 1700..
Lockets have existed for almost as long as humans have been adorning themselves. They are small ornate containers, often made in the shape of some decorative items, which can be worn about the person, and used to contain something of value to the wearer. Early examples have been found dating from Roman and Greek times. They can take a number of forms. The hinged pressed metal heart form rose to prominence in the Victorian era when the rise of pressed metal manufacturing allowed them to be mass produced at an affordable price. Prior to this, owning and wearing such an item would have been a sym..
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