Halcyon Days Vice Admiral Lord Nelson And The Battle Of Trafalgar Enamel Box

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To Commemorate the Bicentenary of the Death of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson who was Mortally Wounded during the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805 (as Inscribed Inside this Handsome Box). Horatio Nelson was born on 29th September 1758 at Burnham Thorpe on the Norfolk Coast. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 12 and went to Sea in his Uncles Battleship HMS Raissonable.  While still only 20 he was Promoted to Post Captain. His Naval Career continued with Distinction and following the Outbreak of War with Revolutionary France in 1793 he went on to Win Victories at the Nile in 1798 and Copenhagen in 1801. When War Broke out again with France in 1803 he was given Command of the Mediterranean Fleet.  In 1805 he Gained his Greatest Victory against the Franco Spanish Fleet at Trafalgar during which he was Mortally Wounded. However he Lived Long Enough to know he had been Victorious and his last Words were Thank God I have done my duty. The Portrait of Nelson is Inspired by a Miniature Painting in the Collection of the National Maritime Museum Greenwich while the Battle of Trafalgar Depicted around the Base is taken from an Oil Painting by Nicholas Pocock entitled An action during the Napoleonic War 1803-1815 also in the Collection. Nelson's Distinctive Coat of Arms is Featured Inside the Lid.

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Product Code: BILS03-7874

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